/fur/ ~ furry

Global rules

  1. You will not upload, post, discuss, request or link to anything that violates the law of the United States of America. This includes:
    1. Sexualization of someone under the age of 18 in any way shape or form.
    2. Animal cruelty
    3. Calls for violence
  2. You must be 18 or older to use these chats.
  3. You will not speak or post content in languages other than English.
  4. You will not post or request anthropomorphic (“furry”) content (pictures, stickers, GIFs, etc).
  5. You will not post or request personal information (“dox”) or calls to invasion (“raids”). You will not post or request content related to the so called “Islamic State” (ISIS/ISIL).
  6. Discussing and especially complaining about secretlounge (its policies, rules, moderation, …) on any bot is heavily discouraged. If you have any suggestions, voice them in the support bot or in PM with an admin/moderator.
  7. You will not evade your ban. Any attempt to evade your ban will result in your ban (even if temporary) being extended to a permanent ban.
  8. You will not spam, advertise in, or flood the chat. Please note that in some bots (especially those not /b/) discussing a topic excessively when people have asked to stop discussing the topic can be seen as spammy.
  9. You must not try to impersonate system messages. System messages are identified with special formatting (usually italics).
  10. Trolling, intentionally flaming and harassing other users is frowned upon, repeated cases of this will result in a ban.
  11. Mentioning your or others names excessively or when not relevant to the current topic/context is not allowed.
  12. Asking for the moderators ("MOOOODS", "mods", "MODS", etc.) in reply to a message that doesn't break the rules is prohibited. Bear in mind "mods" doesn't notify us, so if you genuinely believe a post is rulebreaking notify the support bot.

Rules for /fur/

Make sure to read the above, the only Global Rules that don’t apply to the /fur/ bot are #4 and exception to #8 where you can advertise a channel with furry art in, NOT a telegram group but a CHANNEL, don’t advertise channels that advertise groups either.

Below are a list of rules for @furryloungebot on Telegram, they can be updated at any time with notice given in the bot by a mod/adminsay.

  1. Do not discuss topics unrelated to furries or the furry fandom. Some off-topic is allowed, but keep it short.

    Topics such as politics, guns, and outside drama are NOT allowed and will result in the messages getting removed.

    We have a bot for POLITICS over at /pol/, use that instead.

    Use a group chat or DMs for drama.

  2. Do not post media or discuss topics which are considered “extreme”.

    We can’t post a full list but to get an idea:

    • feral
    • cub/young
    • watersports
    • scat
    • fisting
    • vore
    • gore
    • diapers
    • mlp (it isn’t “extreme” but we don’t allow it)
    • hyper/inflation

    If a mod sees something you post as extreme and it is removed and you feel as if it wasn’t, leave a message in the Support Bot and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

  3. Adding to Global Rule #8, advertising is also saying the name of a channel/group/bot without the @ before it, as well as splitting up the name. E.g. “It’s in furry lounge bot”
  4. Do not complain about content you don’t like, delete it your side and move on. Everyone has different tastes.
  5. Adding to #5, any complaining about media (unless against the rules) will be removed.
  6. If you would like someone to message you, you can sign your message (e.g. /s message me for dick pics) and it will sign your name at the end of your message. Abusing this feature will result in a blacklist, we don’t want constant namefags with this.
  7. Adding to Global Rule #10, calling someone out will result in a cooldown given, this is an anon bot and we don’t care if X fucked Y.
  8. We do not tolerate hate speech or targeting of users whether they are in the bot or not.
  9. Do not complain that X breaks rules if it doesn’t, an don’t be a smartass when a mod or admin tells you to move on.

Mods/Admins have the rights to remove content and give cooldowns out at any time if you break the rules. These bots are provided for free and moderated for free by volunteers, treat them as you would want them to treat you.